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Disclaimer for Artwork Proofs:

Please review the enclosed file(s) of the job we will be printing for you. Should you wish to discuss the file, please contact us at 305.463.8870 and we will answer any questions you may have.

To expedite the production of your job, we need your final approval on the appearance and specifications of your job. Simply reply to this email and write approved or please reply with a specific list of art directives or changes you would like on your order regarding, dimensions, quantity, substrate, process, and any other design corrections.

If you're mean of communication is by e-mail, we are considering that your written approval will be executed by e-mail from your company or significant individual requesting the order(s). If not, you should fax us a signed final proof stating that the job is ready for production at 1-866-233-1632.

Once approved, production will begin and you are financially responsible for finished projects. There will be no exceptions of any kind if approved and produced material contains mistakes once finished, or if material already approved and in progress needs additional corrections.

Please be aware that the customer is responsible for all misspelling, phone number changes, address information or any other important information represented on a printed material before we produce a job. Additionally, The Printer's Consultant, Inc. is not responsible for the reproduction of any copyrighted material or any other means of representation after your approval.

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